HYG Athletics is committed to helping athletes around the globe reach their highest potential. Our performancefocused apparel empowers you with a sense of strength and support, allowing you to maximize your fitness goals while feeling confident in your style choices. Through thoughtful design and fabrication by athletes themselves, HYG Athletic's mission has always been centered on inspiring others through innovative clothing that promotes health & positivity for all activities. Let us help you live your best life!


We create athletic wear because we want to motivate you to be ACTIVE.


Our team is our highest priority - we strive to create an environment of support and empowerment, allowing each individual the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. By working diligently in collaboration with one another, we are able to achieve remarkable successes!


With our unique combination of expertise, insight, and an optimistic outlook, we have crafted core values that guide us throughout all aspects of our work, now and always.

  • Performance-Focused

    Our performance-oriented designs
    include thoughtful fabrication and fit testing to ensure the best possible outcome for each athlete.

  • Innovative Apparel

    We strive to create innovative
    clothing that will maximize your
    fitness goals and inspire others
    through positivity and health

  • Superior Quality

    From fabric selection to manufacturing processes, every
    stage of production is carefully
    inspected and quality-tested before it reaches you.

  • Dedication & Love

    Every piece of apparel created by
    HYG Athletics is crafted with
    dedication and love from start to

  • Unbridled Enthusiasm

    The enthusiasm behind everything
    we do at HYG Athletic’s radiates
    throughout our entire team.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Above all else, customer satisfaction
    is our top priority at HYG Athletics,
    offering a high-quality product that
    meets or exceeds your expectations
    every time you shop with us!